It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 5: Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom

This episode was great! I love how sensitive Mac can get when it comes to women! He really turned into a puppy for Dennis’s mother. And what a lucky woman to be at that age and so confident! I think whats interesting about this episode is that it plays around with the whole older woman/younger man fantasy. I’m sure there are many young men who have thought of the whole taboo milf situation. Not sure how common it is?

I loved Dennis in this episode, how low he would go to get revenge on his friend! And the worst person to hear that he’s not sexually attractive! Especially coming from two older women who’d usually be flattered having a young man pick them up. Can’t say Dennis doesn’t deserve it after telling the waitress that he loved her in order to sleep with her. Also, not very uncommon for a man to go that far for sex. Although very naive on her part to believe him!

I was so surprised to see Frank on a date with a woman his age! It was so confusing! Not that the show isn’t full of surprises, but this was way too normal for his character. Turns out I was right to have been as confused as I was since her normal, grown up and serious lifestyle was a huge “bum out” to him. Frank hates hearing anything mildly depressing! He let go of people who worked on welfare because they were sober hard-working people! How on earth could he date a woman who wanted to have a serious conversation?! I don’t think she was much of a “Debbie Downer” but Frank is definitely not mature enough to be with a woman like that.

The ending of the episode was so heartbreaking! I mean, it was no Titanic, but poor Charlie! Charlie was about to spend a nice evening (well at least for him) with the woman of his dreams and that all gets destroyed when she comes in crying after having sex with Frank. The acting in this episode done by Charlie and the waitress was great! The first time I’ve seen her freak out almost as badly as the rest of them! I can’t imagine how she’ll be appearing in future episodes after all that, but I’m sure Charlie will find a way to bring her back to the story.

I watched this episode at tea lounge alone, trying very hard not to awkwardly crack up.

I rate this episode 5/5. I loved watching Dennis run around trying to have sex with the guys moms and his need for validation! The ending couldn’t have been more perfect with the waitress yelling about sex with Frank and the close up on Charlie crying! I love that Charlie Day and the waitress are actually married in real life. It must have been a blast to have that kind of on scren relationship together!

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