Kill the Ground Zero Mosque: TV ad

I believe this ad was both visually and verbally strong. I think more information should have been included, as to not appear anti muslim.  The music used in the beginning of the ad was powerful with it’s mix of the voice over and images. However, there is a slight suggestion to fear muslims. The ad repeatedly used the word “they”, which was a bit to general for such a strong opinion. “Where we weep, they rejoice.” Who are “they”? One can interpret this message as all muslims which is a dangerous statement. Obama cautions Americans against drawing comparisons between mainstream Islam and the “ruthless violent ideology of Al Qaeda which is a gross distortion of the faith.”

I believe the main issue people have with building a mosque by ground zero is because of the symbolism that comes with it. Throughout history muslims have built mosques as permanent symbols of the victory.When they conquered Jerusalem and Istanbul mosques were created. When Cordoba was made the capital of the Muslim kingdom a mosque was created as well. People believe that if we accept this building of the mosque by Ground Zero we’re validating their victory. As effective as the ad is on many people, I think that there must be more reasoning to back up their argument than saying that this is an “Invitation for war”. The ad is missing factual claims with clear references to reliable sources.

Obama states that Muslims have the same right to practice their religion as anyone else in this country. That includes the right to build a place of worship and a community center on private property in lower Manhattan, in accordance with local laws and ordinances. Legally there is nothing wrong with building a mosque in lower Manhattan. However, I believe that out of respect for those who are still suffering the trauma from September 11th, a mosque, or any other religious building for that matter, seems inappropriate and a bit too headstrong for this delicate location. With such heartbreaking history, I believe anything built in that location should remain nonpartisan. It should be beneficial to all Americans and not specifically there for a certain race, gender, or religion. The people who suffered the attack all come from different backgrounds. The one thing they had in common was the fact that they were American citizens.

I also believe that with this issue, those against the mosque should be respectful and use their words wisely when explaining why they feel that it’s wrong. Especially if they are asking for the same respect in return. “Kill the Ground Zero Mosque” is an extremely hostile and aggressive ad. When the GOP Trust continue with their plans I hope that in the end it’s done respectably as to not create more animosity with those well-intentioned people who believe that a mosque would be beneficial in the end.

* Since I am not allowed to change my post I have left a comment that changes a few things written above.

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One Response to Kill the Ground Zero Mosque: TV ad

  1. dasvidaniel says:

    I’m about to sound like a complete moron, but I was under the impression that the mosque was being built literally on top of ground zeros location. I did not realize that the mosque is meant to be built close by! Very embarrassing confession, but changes EVERYTHING! As an American citizen the people are within full rights to build a mosque! Saying no to building a mosque is going against our freedom of religion. There were American-Muslims who were also affected by 9/11. To treat them as if they are all terrorists is wrong. Can’t believe I thought it was above ground zero! I agreed that anything built over ground zero should be impartial. But near it? I don’t feel that it should have been a problem, or that the problem should have escalated this much.

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