It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 6: The Gang Runs or Office

The theme of the episode is clear within the title and pointed out within minutes. I’ve already notices that as moronic as the gang is they’re extremely political minded. The characters are obviously unfit to play any part in politics, but having them run for an episode was a great idea!

What I loved about this episode is how much of a crazy father Frank can be. Aside from the fact that he’s living in his son’s best friends shit-hole of an apartment, he whores out his daughter in this episode in order for her to run as comptroller. Very cute father daughter scene when Frank is dressing Dee up! I must say, he’s not such a bad make up artist.

The politician Dee chooses to date was hilarious. He’s a total date rapist kind of guy. Not that I would expect a meaningful relationship to come out of a man who picked up Dee while she looked like a cheap prostitute, but love the date scene when he keeps pushing more drinks on her. It’s possible this part of the story was meant to suggest that all politicians cheat, not only within politics but in their personal lives as well.

Each characters dumping the other character for their own selfish reasons, very like them! But apparently “That’s politics”.  I loved the shady meetings they had in the parking lot, it was like the spoof version of the parking lot meetings in  “All The Presidents Men”, but instead of having a conversation about politics, they would talk about where they got their cool trench coat. I guess in order to be shady and political you need to first buy yourself a nice trench coat!

I watched this episode at home in bed.

I give this episode a 5/5. What I thought was great was that the men going against Mac had no motive other than to get back at him for calling them “nerds”. Mac’s characters once again becomes so vulnerable in this episode. My favorite part of the episode was the  “Baby Rapist” ad against Dennis!

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