It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 7: Hundred Dollar Baby

The title again, pretty much gives the theme of the episode away for all those who’ve seen Million Dollar Baby, there’s a good hint that there will be a woman fighting here. If the guys would have stayed and defended Dee, I would have been shocked! So like them to leave her there. I love that someone so unethical like their own mugger can even see what shitty friends they are! “Nice friends.”, he says.

This episode was amazing! I think the best part about the humor in the show is the arguments within the arguments that become so important to the gang. Charlies so concerned about taking his shirt off because he feels like it’s becoming a gay thing, but he’s not as concerned about the guys throwing chairs and punches at him. I guess they chose Charlie since he is usually the one taking crap for everyone. There’s the horrible “Charlie work”, he cleans the dead body a previous other episode, etc. Charlie really does do all the hard work! He’s a small man, but he puts up with a hell of a lot more than the other guys ever would.

Loved loved loved Charlie and Dee’s mood swings in this episode. I’m pretty sure those natural substances that Dee was given were in fact steroids (was that a given?), but they were such a great part of the show. Charlie Day and Kaitlin Olson definitely stole the spotlight in this episode. Dee’s makeup is similarly done the way it was done for her crack-head episode. Her lips are completely pale, but she’s more alert and edgy than ever! My favorite scene in this episode is when Charlie is eating and having severe mood swings by the second. The acting was so extreme and so so hysterical!

I had a feeling that something would come up by the end of the episode when it was time to actually win their fights. It would have been very unlike the show if all worked out in the end, which is great because it’s so different from all the other shows. In most of the shows that I watch, somehow everything seems to go wrong in the beginning and work itself out in the end, this show is mostly the reverse.

I watched this episode at home.

I give this show a 5/5. There wasn’t a dull moment. The ending of the show was perfect, ending off where it started, the mugger seeing what shitty friends they all are! My favorite line coming from the woman on steroids “I’m gonna eat your babies!”! Is that what people think about when they’re on steroids? Must Google. :p

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