It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 8: Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass

This episode was my second favorite next to “Charlie Gets Crippled”. There’s so much energy and not one dull moment! Dennis and Mac were so funny in this episode. I loved their spring break spin on “American Freedom” and a totally Americanized bar. I don’t know if the message was intended but what I got from the episode was that if you give people too much freedom there becomes chaos and that the puritanical “restrictions” really protect us in the end.

I was so happy the Mcpoyle brothers were back in this episode! I didn’t think I would see them again! After showering together in their last appearance they somehow crossed even more lines, making out with their sister and walking around in their dirty, revealing robes… in a bar. I thought that they would screw over the gang by calling the police, but surprisingly they went along with the whole freedom idea and their only motive was to get back at Charlie for putting them in jail in a previous episode.

Day was so awesome in this episode. His attire was perfect with his jean jacket and American flag bandanna. His “street performance” was so funny when he threw up by his line. It reminded me of myself in any sort of public speaking situation. I think it’s probably Dee warning him about it that made him so nervous, since the audience was about a total number of five, but either way I’m glad it happened. I’d love to see that happen in a real performance some day.

The bar in this episode was hilarious. Men shooting heroin, people passed out everywhere, girls flashing for beads. Whenever they put a spin on the bar rules things always get crazy out of hand! It reminded me of the episode where they allowed the high schoolers to come to their bar as a “safe haven” and the kids seemed to be getting younger looking as time went on.

I watched this episode at home with my sister.

I give this episode a 5/5. It had so much energy! I liked the way the show ended, with Franks Russian roulette games in the basement. It was such a great ending since we really didn’t know what Frank was up to for most of the episode.

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