It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 9: The Gang Exploits a Miracle

“It could be a miracle, it could be bullshit, but one things for sure, it’s a god damned gold mine”. Franks line definitely has truth to it. There are so many people out there trying to make money off other people’s beliefs and many do succeed at it whether they believe or not.

Every character in this episode had an awesome story! As usual Dennis is concerned about his looks and his body. This is the first episode where he takes it way too far! For the first half of the episode most of Howerton’s lines are about his face looking fat. His character is zombie like in this episode, and although he doesn’t say very much for the later half of it, his weak character is so fun to watch! I love how he pretends his fasting was for religious reasons.

Although the gang didn’t make much money from their “miracle” even after their media exposure, they did get a very different crowd coming to their bar. People who wanted to get blessed and drink beer! The episode had some continuity with Mac and Charlies priest off. In the “Charlie Wants an Abortion” episode Mac mentioned that he had wanted to become a priest at some point in his life. I’m glad they decided to make an episode with that being one of the focuses.

Dee’s flirtation with the priest was so wrong! Maybe it’s because they’re related, but Dee and Dennis really have major issues when it comes to  their confidence! They cannot and will not handle rejection well. Mac and Charlie actually take rejection very well from what I’ve seen in the show. The guys manipulate her into flirting with the priest by saying she’s getting old and Dee manipulates the priest by telling him she’s in love with him. Poor guy! The things he did for her in high school! The things men would do for women! Obviously that was well taken advantage of in his past.

I give this episode a 5/5. Definitely one of the best ones. My favorite part of this episode is when Charlie’s giving a religious speech to the new believers in the bar and talks about being “gay for god”. The ending was perfect even though we didn’t see it (which was probably for the best!) with the priest getting back at Dennis.

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