It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Seasons 1 & 2 Wrap Up!

Overall I love love love the show and I’m so glad that I chose to watch it for my blog! I was afraid that the show would be hard to blog about since there’s not much continuity, but surprisingly there was enough! Obviously in some episodes we’re just left with an open ending and in the next episode it seems as though nothing had happened. For example when Frank had a game of Russian Roulette in the basement bar or when Mac is being bribed by the police.

I think the most challenging part about writing the show was the fact that the topics are so controversial so you have to make sure to write in a very delicate manner. The least challenging was obviously watching it! I’ve never had so many people want to “do homework” with me!

The reviews that I’ve read were mostly positive from people, which was great! I don’t think that many people were offended by the show because it’s not meant to be offensive, it just plays around with a lot of important issues and kind of mocks the seriousness of certain situations. The show actually allows you to for once take an extremely serious situation, like racism, sexual harassment, arson, etc. and laugh at it. Which is such a nice break from the seriousness of real life! The writers are not trying to shove their views on to people or create change, they’re pretty much just playing around with delicate issues. I think everyone can learn from the show not to take life so damn seriously!

To give the show more mainstream exposure, Danny DeVito joined the cast in the second season which I was seriously worried would hurt the show! I was relieved to find out that it didn’t. It was probably needed though since many people didn’t know about it and now it became a well known show.

At first I thought the show would remind me of Friends, watching a group of buddies who get into a bit of trouble sometimes and fix it up by the end of the episode. It was not at all like that! I don’t really have a show in mind to say it’s similar to. I think the writers created something very unique and refreshing. The friends don’t treat each other well, they’re all deceitful, vain and manipulative and that’s what we love about them! Not to say that the characters are very realistic, but there is some truth to the characters. I think each person could have their asshole side and not have the time to talk to a friend when he or she has just told you something very serious, or want to bang our friends moms or dads, or date that underage super hot guy or girl. Most people don’t actually act on it, but these situations do come up and we can live vicariously through these characters for thirty minutes and have fun with it.

I think it’s very interesting that the guys were actually friends before the show started, which probably helped with the on screen chemistry. During an interview with Olson she says that her character becomes more developed over the course of time since the writers got to know her a bit more and learned what she was capable of doing. It’s always funny to see an insiders point of view on these things! Rob McElhenney even mentions that he felt the first season of the show was a bit dull and I was so surprised that he felt that way! Totally disagree.

I like that the show wasn’t glamorized by beautiful clothing and beautiful apartments. In most other shows there’s always beautiful wardrobes and everything is so perfect in the characters lives without really having any logical explanation as to where they get the money to pay for these things! The characters spend most of their time in the bar or on streets. They don’t spend their nights dining out or bar hopping through a fast paced city, and in the end I think it helps the plot develop further. They’re not a part of some fast paced city, so they actually have the time to just talk and hang. There’s more dialogue than action which is why we love the show. Not because they do such horrible things to each other but we as viewers are able to listen to them justify themselves and understand what drives these characters!

Over the course of the two seasons Dennis and Dee became a lot more like sister and brother, Charlie and Franks relationship became more and more complicated and the finale tied the show up perfectly! Who wouldn’t want to jump to the third season right away to see what happens next!? I mean things would change a bit. Charlies dream waitress now not only had sex with Frank, she had sex with Charlies father! Will Charlie and Frank still live together after this or go to to strip clubs together? (Etc.) I love the show and I’m so happy that I got to blog about it for this semester. It’s pretty clear that I loved it since all of my ratings were 5/5. And I think I’ve mentioned that I love Charlie Day one million times! I definitely will continue to watch it. I most likely won’t blog about it, but it’s become one of my favorite shows!

The blogging itself was interesting. I’ve never before put my thoughts out there for anyone to read. The whole concept was a bit foreign to me and I felt a bit uneasy about people being able to read my posts! Over time I became more comfortable with the idea. It was definitely an experience that I think was beneficial to myself.

I rate seasons 1& 2 – 5/5! Clever dialogue, great stories and laugh out loud hilarious!

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