It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Seasons 1 & 2 Wrap Up!

Overall I love love love the show and I’m so glad that I chose to watch it for my blog! I was afraid that the show would be hard to blog about since there’s not much continuity, but surprisingly there was enough! Obviously in some episodes we’re just left with an open ending and in the next episode it seems as though nothing had happened. For example when Frank had a game of Russian Roulette in the basement bar or when Mac is being bribed by the police.

I think the most challenging part about writing the show was the fact that the topics are so controversial so you have to make sure to write in a very delicate manner. The least challenging was obviously watching it! I’ve never had so many people want to “do homework” with me!

The reviews that I’ve read were mostly positive from people, which was great! I don’t think that many people were offended by the show because it’s not meant to be offensive, it just plays around with a lot of important issues and kind of mocks the seriousness of certain situations. The show actually allows you to for once take an extremely serious situation, like racism, sexual harassment, arson, etc. and laugh at it. Which is such a nice break from the seriousness of real life! The writers are not trying to shove their views on to people or create change, they’re pretty much just playing around with delicate issues. I think everyone can learn from the show not to take life so damn seriously!

To give the show more mainstream exposure, Danny DeVito joined the cast in the second season which I was seriously worried would hurt the show! I was relieved to find out that it didn’t. It was probably needed though since many people didn’t know about it and now it became a well known show.

At first I thought the show would remind me of Friends, watching a group of buddies who get into a bit of trouble sometimes and fix it up by the end of the episode. It was not at all like that! I don’t really have a show in mind to say it’s similar to. I think the writers created something very unique and refreshing. The friends don’t treat each other well, they’re all deceitful, vain and manipulative and that’s what we love about them! Not to say that the characters are very realistic, but there is some truth to the characters. I think each person could have their asshole side and not have the time to talk to a friend when he or she has just told you something very serious, or want to bang our friends moms or dads, or date that underage super hot guy or girl. Most people don’t actually act on it, but these situations do come up and we can live vicariously through these characters for thirty minutes and have fun with it.

I think it’s very interesting that the guys were actually friends before the show started, which probably helped with the on screen chemistry. During an interview with Olson she says that her character becomes more developed over the course of time since the writers got to know her a bit more and learned what she was capable of doing. It’s always funny to see an insiders point of view on these things! Rob McElhenney even mentions that he felt the first season of the show was a bit dull and I was so surprised that he felt that way! Totally disagree.

I like that the show wasn’t glamorized by beautiful clothing and beautiful apartments. In most other shows there’s always beautiful wardrobes and everything is so perfect in the characters lives without really having any logical explanation as to where they get the money to pay for these things! The characters spend most of their time in the bar or on streets. They don’t spend their nights dining out or bar hopping through a fast paced city, and in the end I think it helps the plot develop further. They’re not a part of some fast paced city, so they actually have the time to just talk and hang. There’s more dialogue than action which is why we love the show. Not because they do such horrible things to each other but we as viewers are able to listen to them justify themselves and understand what drives these characters!

Over the course of the two seasons Dennis and Dee became a lot more like sister and brother, Charlie and Franks relationship became more and more complicated and the finale tied the show up perfectly! Who wouldn’t want to jump to the third season right away to see what happens next!? I mean things would change a bit. Charlies dream waitress now not only had sex with Frank, she had sex with Charlies father! Will Charlie and Frank still live together after this or go to to strip clubs together? (Etc.) I love the show and I’m so happy that I got to blog about it for this semester. It’s pretty clear that I loved it since all of my ratings were 5/5. And I think I’ve mentioned that I love Charlie Day one million times! I definitely will continue to watch it. I most likely won’t blog about it, but it’s become one of my favorite shows!

The blogging itself was interesting. I’ve never before put my thoughts out there for anyone to read. The whole concept was a bit foreign to me and I felt a bit uneasy about people being able to read my posts! Over time I became more comfortable with the idea. It was definitely an experience that I think was beneficial to myself.

I rate seasons 1& 2 – 5/5! Clever dialogue, great stories and laugh out loud hilarious!

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 10- Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad

Perfect finale to Season 2! The episode was hysterical, with the gang trying to reconnect with each of their fathers, except for Charlie who has to tag along with Mac.

I was so surprised to see Stephen Collins guest starring in It’s Always Sunny! His character is not so far off from the character he plays in Seventh Heaven. He’s the perfect dad who’s completely ethical and morally correct, basically the complete polar opposite of Dennis and Dee!

I love that Dee and Dennis try to help their mother reconnect with Bruce, since he is the perfect man and she is a divorcee, until they find out that being a good do-er involves more than traveling and attending fundraiser parties. They decide that Frank is a better father after all, even if he’s not their biological father, mainly because of how heartless he is.

MySpace obviously created a huge turn in the characters lives. The show was aired in 2006 and MySpace became the most popular social networking site in 2006 as well. It’s possible that MySpace may have been an influence on the shows plot since that was the source of all these new discoveries, then again there were other social networking sites back then, not as popular but if not MySpace then maybe something else. Either way, MySpace led them to finding out that Dennis and Dee were the result of an affair and Charlie may possibly be Frank’s son! I thought this was beyond PERFECT. I’ve mentioned in my earlier blogs the similarities that the two share. Which I thought was just a cute coincidence. One of the main reasons I accepted the fact that Danny Devito even joined the cast was because of his relationship with Charlie. So him turning out to be Charlie’s father is so so perfect!

It was mentioned that there was a “wild threesome”, without the specifics on whether or not it was two men or two women, so maybe in Season 3 we’ll find out that Frank is not Charlies father, but someone else is. I really do hope that it is Frank though. They’re so perfect together!

I watched this episode at home with my sister.

I give this episode 5/5. It had so many surprises and leaves us questioning what will happen next?! What I love most of all is that this show came out so long ago and the fact that I don’t have to wait as long as others did to see what happens next! Can’t wait for Season 3! 🙂

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 9: The Gang Exploits a Miracle

“It could be a miracle, it could be bullshit, but one things for sure, it’s a god damned gold mine”. Franks line definitely has truth to it. There are so many people out there trying to make money off other people’s beliefs and many do succeed at it whether they believe or not.

Every character in this episode had an awesome story! As usual Dennis is concerned about his looks and his body. This is the first episode where he takes it way too far! For the first half of the episode most of Howerton’s lines are about his face looking fat. His character is zombie like in this episode, and although he doesn’t say very much for the later half of it, his weak character is so fun to watch! I love how he pretends his fasting was for religious reasons.

Although the gang didn’t make much money from their “miracle” even after their media exposure, they did get a very different crowd coming to their bar. People who wanted to get blessed and drink beer! The episode had some continuity with Mac and Charlies priest off. In the “Charlie Wants an Abortion” episode Mac mentioned that he had wanted to become a priest at some point in his life. I’m glad they decided to make an episode with that being one of the focuses.

Dee’s flirtation with the priest was so wrong! Maybe it’s because they’re related, but Dee and Dennis really have major issues when it comes to  their confidence! They cannot and will not handle rejection well. Mac and Charlie actually take rejection very well from what I’ve seen in the show. The guys manipulate her into flirting with the priest by saying she’s getting old and Dee manipulates the priest by telling him she’s in love with him. Poor guy! The things he did for her in high school! The things men would do for women! Obviously that was well taken advantage of in his past.

I give this episode a 5/5. Definitely one of the best ones. My favorite part of this episode is when Charlie’s giving a religious speech to the new believers in the bar and talks about being “gay for god”. The ending was perfect even though we didn’t see it (which was probably for the best!) with the priest getting back at Dennis.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 8: Charlie Goes America All Over Everybody’s Ass

This episode was my second favorite next to “Charlie Gets Crippled”. There’s so much energy and not one dull moment! Dennis and Mac were so funny in this episode. I loved their spring break spin on “American Freedom” and a totally Americanized bar. I don’t know if the message was intended but what I got from the episode was that if you give people too much freedom there becomes chaos and that the puritanical “restrictions” really protect us in the end.

I was so happy the Mcpoyle brothers were back in this episode! I didn’t think I would see them again! After showering together in their last appearance they somehow crossed even more lines, making out with their sister and walking around in their dirty, revealing robes… in a bar. I thought that they would screw over the gang by calling the police, but surprisingly they went along with the whole freedom idea and their only motive was to get back at Charlie for putting them in jail in a previous episode.

Day was so awesome in this episode. His attire was perfect with his jean jacket and American flag bandanna. His “street performance” was so funny when he threw up by his line. It reminded me of myself in any sort of public speaking situation. I think it’s probably Dee warning him about it that made him so nervous, since the audience was about a total number of five, but either way I’m glad it happened. I’d love to see that happen in a real performance some day.

The bar in this episode was hilarious. Men shooting heroin, people passed out everywhere, girls flashing for beads. Whenever they put a spin on the bar rules things always get crazy out of hand! It reminded me of the episode where they allowed the high schoolers to come to their bar as a “safe haven” and the kids seemed to be getting younger looking as time went on.

I watched this episode at home with my sister.

I give this episode a 5/5. It had so much energy! I liked the way the show ended, with Franks Russian roulette games in the basement. It was such a great ending since we really didn’t know what Frank was up to for most of the episode.

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 7: Hundred Dollar Baby

The title again, pretty much gives the theme of the episode away for all those who’ve seen Million Dollar Baby, there’s a good hint that there will be a woman fighting here. If the guys would have stayed and defended Dee, I would have been shocked! So like them to leave her there. I love that someone so unethical like their own mugger can even see what shitty friends they are! “Nice friends.”, he says.

This episode was amazing! I think the best part about the humor in the show is the arguments within the arguments that become so important to the gang. Charlies so concerned about taking his shirt off because he feels like it’s becoming a gay thing, but he’s not as concerned about the guys throwing chairs and punches at him. I guess they chose Charlie since he is usually the one taking crap for everyone. There’s the horrible “Charlie work”, he cleans the dead body a previous other episode, etc. Charlie really does do all the hard work! He’s a small man, but he puts up with a hell of a lot more than the other guys ever would.

Loved loved loved Charlie and Dee’s mood swings in this episode. I’m pretty sure those natural substances that Dee was given were in fact steroids (was that a given?), but they were such a great part of the show. Charlie Day and Kaitlin Olson definitely stole the spotlight in this episode. Dee’s makeup is similarly done the way it was done for her crack-head episode. Her lips are completely pale, but she’s more alert and edgy than ever! My favorite scene in this episode is when Charlie is eating and having severe mood swings by the second. The acting was so extreme and so so hysterical!

I had a feeling that something would come up by the end of the episode when it was time to actually win their fights. It would have been very unlike the show if all worked out in the end, which is great because it’s so different from all the other shows. In most of the shows that I watch, somehow everything seems to go wrong in the beginning and work itself out in the end, this show is mostly the reverse.

I watched this episode at home.

I give this show a 5/5. There wasn’t a dull moment. The ending of the show was perfect, ending off where it started, the mugger seeing what shitty friends they all are! My favorite line coming from the woman on steroids “I’m gonna eat your babies!”! Is that what people think about when they’re on steroids? Must Google. :p

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 6: The Gang Runs or Office

The theme of the episode is clear within the title and pointed out within minutes. I’ve already notices that as moronic as the gang is they’re extremely political minded. The characters are obviously unfit to play any part in politics, but having them run for an episode was a great idea!

What I loved about this episode is how much of a crazy father Frank can be. Aside from the fact that he’s living in his son’s best friends shit-hole of an apartment, he whores out his daughter in this episode in order for her to run as comptroller. Very cute father daughter scene when Frank is dressing Dee up! I must say, he’s not such a bad make up artist.

The politician Dee chooses to date was hilarious. He’s a total date rapist kind of guy. Not that I would expect a meaningful relationship to come out of a man who picked up Dee while she looked like a cheap prostitute, but love the date scene when he keeps pushing more drinks on her. It’s possible this part of the story was meant to suggest that all politicians cheat, not only within politics but in their personal lives as well.

Each characters dumping the other character for their own selfish reasons, very like them! But apparently “That’s politics”.  I loved the shady meetings they had in the parking lot, it was like the spoof version of the parking lot meetings in  “All The Presidents Men”, but instead of having a conversation about politics, they would talk about where they got their cool trench coat. I guess in order to be shady and political you need to first buy yourself a nice trench coat!

I watched this episode at home in bed.

I give this episode a 5/5. What I thought was great was that the men going against Mac had no motive other than to get back at him for calling them “nerds”. Mac’s characters once again becomes so vulnerable in this episode. My favorite part of the episode was the  “Baby Rapist” ad against Dennis!

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It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia- Season 2, Episode 5: Mac Bangs Dennis’ Mom

This episode was great! I love how sensitive Mac can get when it comes to women! He really turned into a puppy for Dennis’s mother. And what a lucky woman to be at that age and so confident! I think whats interesting about this episode is that it plays around with the whole older woman/younger man fantasy. I’m sure there are many young men who have thought of the whole taboo milf situation. Not sure how common it is?

I loved Dennis in this episode, how low he would go to get revenge on his friend! And the worst person to hear that he’s not sexually attractive! Especially coming from two older women who’d usually be flattered having a young man pick them up. Can’t say Dennis doesn’t deserve it after telling the waitress that he loved her in order to sleep with her. Also, not very uncommon for a man to go that far for sex. Although very naive on her part to believe him!

I was so surprised to see Frank on a date with a woman his age! It was so confusing! Not that the show isn’t full of surprises, but this was way too normal for his character. Turns out I was right to have been as confused as I was since her normal, grown up and serious lifestyle was a huge “bum out” to him. Frank hates hearing anything mildly depressing! He let go of people who worked on welfare because they were sober hard-working people! How on earth could he date a woman who wanted to have a serious conversation?! I don’t think she was much of a “Debbie Downer” but Frank is definitely not mature enough to be with a woman like that.

The ending of the episode was so heartbreaking! I mean, it was no Titanic, but poor Charlie! Charlie was about to spend a nice evening (well at least for him) with the woman of his dreams and that all gets destroyed when she comes in crying after having sex with Frank. The acting in this episode done by Charlie and the waitress was great! The first time I’ve seen her freak out almost as badly as the rest of them! I can’t imagine how she’ll be appearing in future episodes after all that, but I’m sure Charlie will find a way to bring her back to the story.

I watched this episode at tea lounge alone, trying very hard not to awkwardly crack up.

I rate this episode 5/5. I loved watching Dennis run around trying to have sex with the guys moms and his need for validation! The ending couldn’t have been more perfect with the waitress yelling about sex with Frank and the close up on Charlie crying! I love that Charlie Day and the waitress are actually married in real life. It must have been a blast to have that kind of on scren relationship together!

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